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[links] Link salad jet sets west - Lakeshore
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Jay Lake
Date: 2013-03-15 01:46
Subject: [links] Link salad jet sets west
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The Gene Machine and MeIon Torrent’s chip-based genome sequencer is cheap, fast, and poised to revolutionize medicine. (Thanks to Andrew A. Adams.)

Intraterrestrials: Life Thrives in Ocean Floor

The horseback ascent of Pierre Testu-Brissy, Bellevue Park, Paris, October 16th 1798 — Multimodal transportation?

Why Wasn’t the Higgs Boson Discovered in the US? Neal DeGrasse Tyson explains congressional stupidity — But that's science, and as any conservative can tell you, science is bad. If conservatives understood science even minimally, they wouldn't support half the things they do.

Conservatives outraged at fate of doomed Orson Scott Card Superman comicPolitical correctness gone mad: how dare homosexuals react to OSC's political activities with political activities of their own!

Pope Francis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Women’s Equality: Why Must Religion be Patriarchal? — Because reasons. The question is why do women put up with it?

Stunner: Sen. Rob Portman backs same-sex marriage — Like I've been saying for a long time, no one likes the results of conservative policies when applied to them personally. Especially not conservatives themselves.

QotD?: Ever been to Oregon? Why not?

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Elizabeth Coleman
User: criada
Date: 2013-03-15 14:27 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Re: religion. There are plenty of women who DON'T put up with it. Just look at the nuns in America, or Malala Yousafzai. (Or to a lesser level, me and all the other women marching in things like the People of Faith for R74 March?) Abandoning one's religion isn't an easy thing. I tend to compare it to leaving America just because you don't like the President. Are you really willing to abandon your friends and family and everything good about this place because one guy's a dick and you can't control that?
In a different analogy, a battered wife isn't necessarily staying in a relationship because she likes it. In many cases, she's staying for her kids, or because if she leaves, she may end up homeless and resourceless. The nuns I mentioned above can't simply change the sign outside the convent to "Awesome Version of Catholicism that Loves Women." They don't own their convent. If they don't want to be part of Roman Catholicism, they are out on their asses in the street. Same with any other Catholic congregation that might want to change.

Things are complicated, and things aren't going to be solved if the only people doing anything are the women who have specifically had their power taken away from them. The immobility of the Church Hierarchy is something that has been one of the top things making me rage uncontrollably. I have questioned it, and I left, and now one of the reasons I'm dragging myself back is so that I can try to change things. Abandoning one's faith/country/family doesn't make them change for the better, it just leaves the weak to the even more powerful whims of the strong.

I'm just grateful I don't have to worry about getting shot in the head like Malala did.
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User: ericjamesstone
Date: 2013-03-16 01:21 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
> Like I've been saying for a long time, no one likes the
> results of conservative policies when applied to them
> personally. Especially not conservatives themselves.

People are allowed to pay any higher amount in taxes that they would have owed under prior tax codes rather than accept conservative-sponsored tax cuts. Strangely, very few liberals bother to do that. I guess they like the results of that conservative policy when applied to them personally.

Frankly, I'm having trouble coming up with a conservative policy that I support for other people but dislike having applied to me personally.
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