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Madness of Flowers in the can, progris report

Ok, Madness of Flowers is in the can and off for editorial and beta read (in parallel). Profound thanks to alpha readers khaybee, danjite and tillyjane.

This means I have (informally) turned in all contracted novels. Both Madness and Stemwinder will come back with editorial change notes, but the hard work's done. I owe an article and half a dozen short stories, then will grant myself a bit of down time, then be off into Black Tulip around the second half of April.

FWIW, I can see more books in both series -- Reign of Flowers and Tourbillon, respectively. I'm not going to do anything with either of them unless the numbers and publisher interest on the first two books in each series justify their respective Book 3s.

Barring an irruption of new contracted work, after Black Tulip will come the as-yet-untitled Portland wizards novel (from "Number of the Bus", "A Different Way Into the Life" and "Green Grass Blues.") Also, someone whose opinion I highly respect recently suggested turning "Crossing the Seven" into a novel. (That appeared in Logorrhea, ed. John Klima, Powell's | Amazon ] from Bantam.) I'm mulling that.

In other news, contrib copies of the Strahan-edited YBSF Powell's | Amazon ] showed up today from Night Shade Books, as did Text: UR, edited by experimeditor Powell's | Amazon ] from Raw Dog Screaming Press.
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