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Norwescon Schedule

Thursday, April 5th
3:00 PMEvergreen 1Breaking in Through the Small Press
Bruce B. Taylor (M), Marti McKenna, Jay Lake, Bluejack
9:00 PMCascade 7Writing a story in an Hour with Jay Lake and company
Jay Lake (M), Caitlin Kittredge, Lisa Mantchev, Kat Richardson

Friday, April 6th
10:00 AMEvergreen 1Writers and Blogging
Joe Cooke (M), Jay Lake, Joshua Palmatier, Erin Tidwell, M.K. Hobson
2:00 PMCascade 6Defending the Writing Life
Jeff Ayers (M), Greg Cox, Yasmine Galenorn, Jay Lake, Syne Mitchell
11:00 PMCascade 4That's Horrible--Do It Again! Sex, Death, and Debauchery in Dark Fantasy and Horror.
Eric Morgret (M), Jay Lake, Kij Johnson

Saturday, April 7th
10:00 AMEvergreen 1 & 2Autograph Session 1
Jay Lake
12:30 PMCascade 3Reading: Jay Lake
Jay Lake
1:00 PMCascade 9The Liars’ Panel: A Guaranteed Way To Sell That 1000 Page First Manuscript Of Yours
Michael Montoure (M), Jay Lake, Amy Thomson, Loren Coleman
2:00 PMCascade 8Neither Fish nor Fowl
Andrew Dolbeck (M), Richelle Mead, Kat Richardson, Jay Lake, Cynthia Ward
3:00 PMEvergreen 4Bag and Baggage
Alexander James Adams (M), Cynthia Ward, Jay Lake, Heather Lindsley
6:00 PMCascade 6Can't Someone Just Teach Me All This Writing Stuff?
Mary Rosenblum (M), Loren Coleman, Jay Lake, Irene Radford, James Cobb
8:00 PMTBDTalebones Live

Sunday, April 8th
10:00 AMCascade 10Are There Day Jobs Particularly Suited to the Writer?
Jay Lake (M), Caitlin Kittredge, Bruce B. Taylor
11:00 AMEvergreen 3The Next Generation of Writers: What Are They About?
Caitlin Kittredge (M), Jay Lake, Duane Wilkins
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