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Washington Post on the myth of voter fraud

Washington Post on the myth of voter fraud.

The Republicans have perfected the Big Lie in my lifetime. Screaming voter fraud while engaging in wide scale voter suppression (Google the New Hampshire phone jamming scandal for an example of that if you don't know what I'm talking about), claiming the "fair and balanced" perspective through their highly partisan proxies at Fox (look up the biography of Fox news director Roger Ailes if you don't believe me), claiming the mantle of fiscal responsibility while shattering even Reagan's record at squandering money, deliberately fostering the idea of WMDs in Iraq in the face of all evidence before, during and after the invasion, claiming the mantle of good government while promoting cronyism and corruption an order of magnitude worse than recent administrations of either party.

Look at the cheat-and-retreat pattern of the Justice department's varying statements over the USA scandal in recent weeks. Tell a lie, get caught, tell another lie, get caught, tell another lie... If we'd had honest legislative or journalistic scrutiny of this administration all along, the Republican scam would have been painfully obvious to everyone, not just liberal cynics like me. Now the Bush administration is just trying to run out the clock until the news cycle moves on.

What makes someone remain a Republican today? Is it intellectual dishonesty? Cultivated ignorance? Wishful thinking? Or just the simple convinction that things really were worse under Clinton, with relative world peace, a budget surplus, jobs growth and a booming economy. I guess those blow jobs in the White House really do outweigh everything that's come since for 40+ million voters.

Are you still proud of your Republican party?
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