Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

:: yawn ::

Did a little project for douglascohen this evening, then had a dinner with the always gracious maryrobinette. Home now, stumbling toward sleep. I'm going to knock out one, possibly two, story|ies tomorrow, then it's hammer time around here.

Driving home tonight I was reminded of one minor irritant with respect to my automobile. Being a convertible, the Genre car has no B or C pillar. Therefore the seatbelts retract into the headrest of the seat. If I'm driving with my hair loose, when I unclip the belt, if I fail to sweep my hair out of the way with one hand, more often than not the belt attempts to take my hair with it back into its lair within my seat. This is mildly annoying and mildly painful, and probably makes me look like a Class A dork.

That is all.

Also, the next time it's National Cut in Front of Someone and Drive 10 Mph Slower Than Them Day, can someone please forward me the memo? Apparently most of the rest of Portland got the word tonight, but I didn't.
Tags: cars, personal, portland

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