Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

The Los Angeles Times on the voter fraud claims behind the USA firings

The underlying issue behind the USA firing scandal is, at least in part, the deliberate, long-term policies of the Bush administration and the Republican Party to engage in voter suppression, while cloaking those efforts with shrill claims of voter fraud. Yesterday's Los Angeles Times has an op-ed from a former DOJ voting rights official.

Money shot:

Missouri had one of the closest Senate races in the country last November, and a week before the election, [recent Bush appointee] Schlozman brought four voter fraud indictments against members of an organization representing poor and minority people. This blatantly contradicted the department's long-standing policy to wait until after an election to bring such indictments because a federal criminal investigation might affect the outcome of the vote. The timing of the Missouri indictments could not have made the administration's aims more transparent.

That's ethics and good government in action. Are you still proud of your Republican party?
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