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If I had a social life, I'd be out pursuing it. Instead I'm home with aching ribs (!), having accomplished a significant amount today. I'm watching a documentary called The Cheese Nun NYT ], thanks to tillyjane and AH.

Ran over to Powell's for a break this afternoon to sell off some books, discovered a couple of things I'd either forgotten or never known. One, I have a Heinlein first edition. I brought that home again. The buyer also declined a hardback anthology, pointing out that the cheapest he could find it online was $80 unsigned, and mine had been signed by the editor. So I brought that home again as well.

Meanwhile the peculiar bric-a-brac continues to pile up for repurposing or disposal. A lot of stuff went to Goodwill today, some more will go tomorrow. Mostly tomorrow is about tax and healthcare FSA paperwork, which is now all in one place thanks to today's efforts.

Also, I made a decision to hang on to pretty much all the board games, in case the_child wants to be a gamer when she gets older. I have a lot of German imports and whatnot, and they'd be wicked expensive to replace.

More later.
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