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ETA: Hah! stillnotbored reports I was taken in by an April Fool's post. Heh. Nice to know I'm still gullible as ever...

There's a rumor going around that 6 Apart, which owns LJ, is completing the shift to a full advertising supported model and eliminating the permanent accounts as well as generally changing the way LJ behaves. (I recognize that this change has been in process for a while.)

If that happens, and I don't like the outcome, I may move this blog to a dedicated, freestanding blog platform which I can control. If LJ is at risk of becoming a MySpace clone, I don't really feel enthused about sticking around.

Poll #958882 Should I shift my blog off LJ?

Would you follow this blog if it moved off of LiveJournal?

Sure. You're a funny guy.
Sure. You piss me off, and I like that morning adrenaline rush.
Nah, I need my friendslist. I'd still read you in an lj feed, though.
Bend the rainbow, baby.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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