Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

If this is Tuesday, this must be, um, Tuesday

Another day in paradise here at Rancho Lake. The state of working on a novel has become so pervasive for me that being between books feels very odd. I've still got about four short stories to write, then I'm off on Black Tulip. I find my head jumping a lot creatively right now. This is probably due to a lack of deliberate focus. In the last two days I've read the most recent of Cherryh's Foreigner books, and Laumer's collection Retief of the CDT.

Reading. Goodness. What a concept.

Last night I dreamt matociquala and I were rearranging my bookshelves, except for some reason my Dad was around, and he thought she and I were having a violent, noisy date. It was just like being in a sitcom!

The Fireside writers are meeting tonight. I'll probably be doing marketing, writing the cover letters for one last big round of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ] ARC sendouts and some short story sendouts. Sometimes I think I need another hobby, like knitting, then I think, where would I fit it in?

Time to go on some photographic walking tours, methinks.

If you write novels on a regular schedule, what do you do between projects?

If you don't write novels on a regular schedule, why not?
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