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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2007-04-04 21:55
Subject: Part 2: Ask me no more lies, I'll tell you no more questions
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Here's the second set of answers from the ask me a question post. Feel free to pop over there and add to the fun.

kara_gnome: I'm one of the new readers; Hi, pleased to meet you!

I'd read an interview you'd given to Locus. Before I read your article, I'd been writing a story a week for a few months, maybe not that long, and it was hard. People were saying that was too much to expect, it wasn't a reasonable goal, and etc, and maybe I was thinking about giving up the idea.

After reading your interview, I felt better about it and that it wasn't such an out-there idea at all. Look, I'd say, see this guy? He does it like this, too, and he really makes sense!

You'd also talked about holding a story in a frame--something like that--and that once you could put the idea in this frame, that it worked for you. Also, that over time you've been able to encompass more, and that is exactly how it is for me, too :). I thought I was freaky because I'd try talking about this with others and it really never went over very well. I don't remember if you'd called it a frame in the interview; it's certainly how I think of it, though.

Anyway, I found your interview very inspirational and just wanted you to know and say thank you! And I'd have to add; your blog is fantabulous :)

You're thinking about the concept of "span of control." See here and here for a detailed discussion of that, plus some related stuff. I'm glad the interview gave you some constructive food for thought. I can't do much to pay back the people who have helped me (and continue to help me), so it pleases me when I'm able to pay forward.

icedrake: IThis one is completely egotistical in nature :) Well, almost.

As far as you're concerned what is good feedback for an advance reader of one of your books? What is bad feedback?

Also, what is the meaning of Life, Universe, and Everything?

"I loved it. I'm buying copies for everyone I've ever met as soon as it comes out."


bluesgirly: I write humor books and columns. I write things about "Waking up looking like Keith Richards, and why the Dirt Devil was actually invented by Satan." This may provide some context here.

I don't understand most of the stuff you say. Should I keep with it and you can tell me to try harder or do you have plans for a jay lake for dummies LJ area? That'd be good. Please advise.

May I suggest this reading aid, which I have found invaluable in the past.

scott_e_d: What do you feel about Silmarilical Inerrancy?

Also, where's the cheese? I've been an occasional lurker in the past, and I really miss the pictures, and discussions of cheese. Those posts are almost enough to make me want to live in (or at least near) a city again.



Well, clearly we have a schism among the Men of the West when it comes to Silmarilical Inerrancy. Consistency with the writ of The Philologist is far more critical than any crass concerns of logic or observable evidence, and so I shall begin now to produce such music as will bring about a new world from the waters of the old.

Or maybe I'll just go drink some tea.

As for the cheese, it's mostly a holiday season thing. There was a bunch of cheese blogging two or three months ago, and there will be more. If you're ever jonesing for some, try:


r0ck3tsci3ntist: 1) What do you do, by way of constructive feedback, with the sentence: "It is written well, but it just didn’t grab me." when appended to a rejection (provided you get those)?

Learn to grab? *scratches head*

2) Will you do a post on revision? Because it would be awesome if you did.

Oh, I get those all the time. I look at the story to make sure there's nothing missing -- maybe no verbs on the first page or something -- then stick it back in the mail. Every editor has different tastes.

As for 2), yes. Soon. As promised.

ktempest: How much do you love me? (In metric *and* in kilobytes)

Yo, girl. I love you thiiiiiiiis much. In metric, it's thaaaaaaat much. Multiply by 1024 to get the kilobytes, ba-bee.

I'm sorry, have we met?
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User: ktempest
Date: 2007-04-05 12:43 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Yo, girl. I love you thiiiiiiiis much. In metric, it's thaaaaaaat much. Multiply by 1024 to get the kilobytes, ba-bee.

I'm sorry, have we met?

awesome. :D
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scarlettina: All my own stunts
User: scarlettina
Date: 2007-04-05 16:35 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:All my own stunts
Some temptations are too great and so, weakling that I am, I went to read Lakeshore-in-Elmer-Fudd. I may never recover.

When someone asks, I'll tell them it's your fault.

Just sayin'.
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