Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Prime Codex

Galleys of Prime Codex showed up today, from Paper Golem Press, for potential blurbage. That makes, um, at least three things I need to read Real Soon for that purpose. I may have to adopt a blurbs-per-year limit, as some pros I know have done. I'm pretty sure this one's going to be a pleasure, though. I know all but two or three of folks in the toc, and most of them are here on LJ. I've read some of the stories before, in their original appearances.

And the cover, judging from the comp with the galleys, is awesome.

ETA: Apparently, my big box 'o commas showed up today too. At least that's how it seems on rereading the above. Oh, well.
Tags: books, publishing

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