Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Norwescon Ho!

Ouch. Is it morning yet? I blew in to Norwescon about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. I managed to unload my car, check in, and make it to the Breaking In To the Small Press panel by 3. Bruce Taylor and Bluejack are great guys to panel with.

Afterwards, bdkellmer and I unloaded the stoplight from the Genre car, then I got down to the serious business of simply walking through the halls. (Quite a trick here, given how many people there are to stop and talk with.) Wound up having drinks in the bar with casacarona, mikigarrison, scarlettina, jackwilliambell and Mike Moscoe, then some quiet talk time, then the art reception, then the panel on Write A Short Story in an Hour (more of which anon), then retired to the Small Press Party in the Presidential Suite where I was Led Into Bad Ways By Unsavory Dissolute Persons. Sadly, plentiful photographic evidence of the latter event exists, along with a digital video clip that tbclone47 took documenting, among other things, minor destruction of property.

I finally stumbled into bed around 2:30 am, about 22 hours after I'd gotten up. Up now because I promised someone they could store their infant in my room today prior to their own check-in, so I thought I ought to be conscious and dressed before parents and child arrived.

And this is only Friday morning, Ghu grant me mercy.
Tags: conventions, funny, personal

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