Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

the_child speaks

Driving home from Norwescon, the_child and I got into a conversation about directional points, which led us to magnetic poles, which led us to axes of rotation, which led her to ask me if the universe rotated. Her point was that if planets, stars and galaxies all rotated, it seemed reasonable that the universe might do so as well. I told her that I thought the universe didn't have a general rotation (and if it did, would this be observable?), but I'd ask. What this boils down to is: where is the north pole of the universe?

We then got into a discussion about the flatness of space. Really.

Later on she told me to take up tai chi. "You work too hard on your writing, Dad, and you play with me. But you need to take a chance. Mama took a chance on fencing lessons."
Tags: child, funny, norwescon, science

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