Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Nota bene regarding my recent post on presses

In response to a rather generous comment by echelonpress, and indirectly to shsilver, over at the recent post on presses I said in part:

I wasn't aiming for a Grand Unified Theory of Genre Presses, but more like a New Writer's Rough Guide to Genre Publishing. I left off some categories such as specialty presses, for example, which I might have sought to identify in a more comprehensive survey. This was necessarily incomplete...

Essentially, the question being answered was, what does a new writer need to know about small presses? I expanded that, but only to a point from the writer's perspective.

I may take the time to enlarge that post to a real article if demand seems to warrant, but that would involved, you know, research and stuff. Also, I'd have to correct some loose statements comparing magazines to book lines.
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