Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Your Conservative Values in Action

Paul Wolfowitz seems to be in some serious trouble for shenanigans at the World Bank. In a nutshell, he appears to have used his role as president of the institution to manipulate his long time girlfriend's salary there by an astonishing factor, very much against policy and apparently common sense. Now that the news is leaked, he is pursuing an investigation into the leakers. (Not into the salary irregularities, of course.)

Remember Wolfowitz? Prominent Republican, neo-con thinker, architect of much of the Iraq War? Now imagine if a Clinton era figure, prominent liberal Democrat, had done such a thing. Or even been alleged to do such a thing. Of course, this is nothing like Clinton -- he had sex with an intern, while Wolfowitz abused his authority to manipulate his lover's salary to a $200,000 level. Nothing so serious.

And of course I'm sure that Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage would have been most understanding about the girlfriend's ethnicity. She's of Arab extraction, born in Libya. Certainly any prominent liberal with a girlfriend with that background would meet with nothing but understanding and respect from the media and the commentariat.

I forget. Is this family values or good government that Wolfowitz is demonstrating? In either case, thank God he's not a liberal, otherwise this might be a serious character issue.
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