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Czechs and checks

Amazing what turns up in the mail when you've been gone a week. For example, my contributor's copy of Trochu divné kusy 2, ed. Martin Šust, with my story V ZAHRADÁCH VLAHÉ NOCI. I seem to be bylined as "Jay Lake" but referred to elsewhere in the text as "Jaye Lakea." The female authors all had their names modified even in the byline -- " Kij Johnsonová" and "Sarah Monetteová" for example.

Always interesting to see what other languages do.

There were also additional contrib copies of From the Trenches and Fall and Rise, along with a book Bruce Taylor sent to tillyjane, in my care, and another box of Mainspring ARCs. Even better were a couple of unlooked-for payments which will cover the last of my Norwescon expenses and much of the balance of my Rio Hondo expenses. Plus the new toaster oven I ordered to replace the old one which had finally given up after 10 years of impact trauma, open flames and cat hair.

On the plane on the way home I had the privilege of reading a galley of the anthology Prime Codex, from Paper Golem Books. klingonguy has picked a heck of a volume to lead with in his new role as publisher. There was one story which rang flat for me, the rest ranged from great to somewhere beyond excellent. I promised klingonguy I'd consider blurbing it, and the book far exceeded my expectations. He'll be seeing that blurb shortly, and you should definitely check it out.

Things are a bit suboptimal here at Rancho Lake right now, so continued wit and erudition may be held in abeyance. Further reports as events develop. At any rate, I am home safe.
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