Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

That's telling them!

I heard a snippet on NPR this morning about a speech Karl Rove gave here in Oregon Friday castigating Democrats for handcuffing the generals in Iraq by trying to run the war from Washington. (Sorry, no hard cite yet...haven't run it down except indirectly here.)

Irony is now officially dead. Drawn, quartered, buried at a crossroads at midnight with a stake through its heart, and sown with salt.

Also, I really don't understand why Paul Wolfowitz continues to hold his job at the World Bank. Apparently there's simply no accountability for giving his girlfriend an 80% raise and a cushy promotion -- something he's not even trying to deny at this point. I have no knowledge of World Bank personnel policies, but if they're anything like those of any other major enterprise, that would be a firing offense for anyone below Wolfowitz's management tier.

Without respect to partisanship (admittedly difficult where uberNeocon Wolfowitz is concerned), where is the meaningful consequence for this behavior?
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