Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

The Red Book of Skiffy

Back in the debacle of the OSC post, dirkcjelli asked:

Any possibility of a book of non-fiction writing on politics and society from Stross, Lake, Brin, Macleod, Banks, Brust etc, or do the details of the publishing industry (including making a living) preclude such a project?

autopope was kind enough to respond thusly:

Yes, it's commercially marginal, but if someone wants to edit it as a labour of love I'd be happy to contribute.

Rather further downthread, mwstover said:

...if y'all are serious about a volume of critical essays dealing with politics in today's updated ghetto, you should probably give Glenn [Yeffeth of BenBella Books] a call

So it occurs to me this might be worth pursuing in my copious spare time. I've got an iron clad rule against including myself in fiction editing projects, but I might be willing to edit this as a non-fiction effort. Unfortunately, I don't know these folks, other than the inestimable autopope. So I'm curious, who would you like to see in such a collection of essays and rants? Besides (presumably), me and autopope, along with the aforementioned messers Brin, Macleod, Banks and Brust, should they be interested in the concept.
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