Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake


Off to the airport shortly to pick up the_child and her mother from their funeral trip back east. Tomorrow is tillyjane's birthday (she's my mom, for the benefit of newer readers), so we'll be celebrating. I owe specficrider some work very shortly, as well as a couple of other shorts, then it's back to Stemwinder pretty much any day after that.

On the home front (heh) we're close to a contract on Rancho Lake, which if it stands, means we'll be moving in mid-June. After buying a property we haven't yet begun searching for. Somewhere between my trips to Rio Hondo, Nebraska and WesterCon. Not to mention JayCon.

Busy? Me?

No, why do you ask?
Tags: child, house, personal, stemwinder, writing

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