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Link salad

Been a busy day thus far around these parts, what with real estate inspections, attorney meetings, family issues, discussions of landscape gardening and whatnot, all mixed in with a full day's work at the day job. In lieu of the usual fare of wit and erudition, here's some links which have crossed my desk.

American La France Roadster — a car that never quite was. Perhaps what Toad of Toad Hall drove. Check out the engine stats.

What religion are you? — a quiz from Beliefnet. (It scored me as 100% Secular Humanist, with a runner up of 93% Unitarian Universalism.)

Jews and Chinese Food — while I'm not one of the People (a rosbif, my own self), I've heard the jokes.

Man arrested for naked Hitler birthday event — Godwin's Law meets, um, the Naked Rambler?

Quantum physics says goodbye to reality — solipsism proven by experimental evidence. If an observer falls in the forest, will she hit a tree?

Blood, Bullets, Bombs, and Bandwidth — cyberpunks in Baghdad.

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps — an English take on our democratic experience.

(Thanks to danjite, the_flea_king and others.)
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