Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[wip] "The Tale of the Poet and the Dog"

It did not matter who had been right about the disposition of the troops, his father or the prince. When the ships came the banners had rallied to meet them. And come they did, rank on rank of vessels riding the waves, until the waters were painted with wood and iron and the plaints of the Mongol horses on their decks were loud as thunder in the night.

He had a bit of a view, which he shared with a hard-bitten old dog and a great quantity of sheep dung. There had been a shrine here, but weather or hooligans had scattered its stones and torn the shimenawa rope. The dog whined softly amid its rough breathing, so he shared a rice ball with the poor beast.

"They will walk across the beach and slay my father and my brothers and all the men," Mimura told the dog.

The tail, bare with mange, thumped the dirt.
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