Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link Salad, lunchtime edition

When Shakespeare really mattered — a review of Nigel Cliff's The Shakespeare Riots Powells | Amazon ] (thanks to goulo)

The Antikythera Mechanism — Ancient Greco-Roman clockpunk (thanks again to goulo, for reminding me of this)

Bendable light — nomads making use of nanotech "light batteries"...the applications for this stuff if it were widely available are boggling

Dinosaur skin fossils

Steampunk computer mouse — please sire, may I have another one?

ETA: martang sends this video of the Kaye Effect. Fascinating video, and further examination proves that tdj makes a lot of very cool science, technology and culture posts.
Tags: books, clockpunk, cool, links, science, tech, weird

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