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[personal] :: yawn :: Is this Tuesday already? (with updates)

Miscellaneous bits and pieces:

Our Fearless Editor notes the launch of Logorrhea Powells | Amazon ]. Lots of really great authors there, plus my novelette "Crossing the Seven."

Amazon.com continues to load strangely for me on a pretty regular basis, even when other web sites are behaving correctly. This has become intrusive enough to bug me. Likewise the jlake.com server, which suffered a hardware outage and is being worked on, continues to misbehave somewhat.

Tonight is Tuesday Night Writers at the Fireside. I'll be there, working on a couple of things. Tomorrow night scalzi is in town on his victory lap of the United States. I'll be at his reading/signing, then there will be a dinner afterwards with a cast of dozen.

The favorite book/story post has quite a set of recommendations in comments. Worth checking out, even if you've already read the original post. Feel free to join in.

Likewise the school bus problem post, which is a continuation of the earlier risk transfer post. Interesting comment threads on both of those.
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