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[writing|books] We have a new parlor game

Today I picked up a copy of Brave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction, ed. Jeff Prucher Powell's | Amazon ]. It looks like a terrific book, chock full of definitions and citations, many of which are from friends (and heroes) of mine around the writing community. Polyphony 1, ed. mme_publisher and me, is even cited.

:: does dance because I am in the a dictionary ::

So the parlor game will be chasing each other's cites around in the dictionary. Maybe it will become a movement, the dictheads with secret handshakes, bright badges, and knowing nods, shibboleth at convention parties: "Are you in?" "I'm in." "Then let's go to the secret suite where the taps run with beer."1

Or maybe it's just darned cool. Paint me plaid and call me a geek.

1 — This is what is technically known as a "joke." No exclusivity or favoritism should be inferred.
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