Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Friday, the weekend's zygote

Don't forget the question thread from yesterday. I probably won't start posting answers before this evening, due to Being Busy. No link salad this morning either, though feel free to send cool stuff along as you find it.

I did not finish the Dark Towns story I was working on yesterday, but I made some nice progress. Postponed some social plans from last night in favor of lying about and twitching, which seemed like a nice way to catch up on sleep. I'll be renting some more anime today to watch with the_child tonight and Sunday — probably Porco Rosso imdb ] and Spirited Away imdb ].

Also, reading Bruce Taylor's Edward in manuscript right now, as I am writing the forward. That's always an interesting thing to do.

Off to the day job now.
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