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[links] Link Salad for a Friday afternoon

APOD: The Iron Tail of Comet McNaught — There's something profoundly poetic about the description of the photo on this page.

HAT-P-2b: ‘A Really Weird Planet’ — Includes an interesting disquisition on the naming of extrasolar planets.

Pick your poison — What weather event is more deadly than a hurricane? Smog. This is a fascinating blog for hard core weather geeks, or the terminally curious.

More Christian Pornography — "Oregon Family Council is diligently working to complete this content."

World's Fastest Toilet — Comment withheld. (Though from the icon it seems to be a men's.)

skzbrust on illegal numbers. — Whatever you do, don't say 09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0. To anyone.

The bee Rapture

Jay Lake: "I made a decision to stop writing." — Hahahahahahahha.

How to Promote Diversity in Fiction Markets — The Angry Black Woman speaks, in detail. Should our genre be in the business of promoting diversity? Is a lack of explicit promotion a form of suppression?

The order to fire given at Kent State — History that's sadly all too pertinent. (Courtesy of danjite)

Also, while at lunch with tillyjane and lillypond, we went by Costco. The store was selling "tilapia loins."

Fish. Don't. Have. Loins.
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