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[movies | child] Whisper of the Heart, cardboard and weather

We have rented The Cat Returns imdb ] for the second time, as the_child liked it so much before. She also passed up both Porco Rosso and Spirited Away for Whisper of the Heart imdb ], which I am currently previewing.

Before we went to Mike's Movie Madness for the rentals, we'd run an errand over to Morlan Plumbing for some cardboard for the_child's third grade class to use in making backdrops for their end of semester play coming up. (Unfortunately I shall be in Omaha when they perform the play.) We were driving across town with the top down, the Genre car loaded with cardboard, as rain sputtered and spit above us. the_child confidently stated that as we got closer to the school, we'd be out of the rain.

Sure enough, she was right. She began to expound her theory about the weather, that there were "weather points" around the city, and that the rain and the sunshine changed places there. I asked her what made the weather points. She thought about that, then said, "It's just something the weather does."

On the other hand, she was right about the weather itself.
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