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[links] Link Salad

"Hillary equals France" — Fascinating and funny comments on the perpetual Republican hatefest about France.

Airships of the United States: — skidspoppe is my new best friend for this one.

Pigeoncam!!! — Why we love the Internet. With fez.

Global Incident Map — Terrorism events worldwide.

Gun control in Singapore — On jlundberg's blog, so be nice: come back here if you want to joust over this one. Also, see danjite's response in comments over there.

This August I will be the guest moderator on the ASiF forums — My thanks to girliejones for the opportunity.

A review of Stealing Lincoln's Body Powells | Amazon ] — As danjite says, it reads like a treatment for one of my stories. "The Last Familiar Thing", perhaps.

George Barris supervan for sale — :: wants ::

(Thanks to danjite for many of these.)
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