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[personal] San Francisco

I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow. I'll be arriving in the late afternoon, and having dinner with mine host. Friday midday I'll be guest lecturing at City College of San Francisco, then a late lunch (1:30ish) with dave_gallaher. I plan to visit Borderlands Books after lunch, and possibly a few other bookstores. Recommendations on bookstore destinations highly welcomed.

Given prior comments, perhaps an open dinner Friday evening? I suggest meeting at Borderlands at 6 pm, and going somewhere reasonably accessible from there. Please let me know in comments or by email if I should be looking for you.

Saturday morning I'm planning to go over to East Bay, assuming there's some rational way to do that given the freeway situation right now. That will include lunch with zhaneel69 and visits to Other Change of Hobbit and possibly a few other bookstores. Again, recommendations highly welcome. I'm open to company that entire day if someone wants to swing around the Bay Area with me for the sake of sheer yakkage in the car, and I figure on meeting up in the late afternoon for something fun. Absent any particularly obvious plan, I think I'll park in that lot at the east end of Crissy Field around 4 pm Saturday, then cruise the Palace of Fine Arts and the beach with my camera. Anyone who wants to go out that night can meet there in the late afternoon, or call my cell to catch up later. Please let me know in comments or by email if I should be looking for you, and if you need my cell.

Sunday is still wide open, then I'm off directly to Omaha on Monday.

See some, all or none of you there!
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