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Jay Lake

[personal|travel] Poised to leap into the widening sky

At the airport now, waiting to fly to SFO. I continue to be amazed that anyone with a plane ticket can be surprised by the requirement to show ID -- that's been going on all my life, not just post-911 -- yet the woman two places in line before me at security was quite taken aback and had to dig long and deep in her purse.

In other news, we have placed a contingent offer on a duplex in Milwaukie, OR, just south of the Portland city line. Not sure yet how that will play out, but news as it happens. Firm news, at least.

Here in LJ land, david_de_beer has me in some good company. Also, I am now writing two introductions, one due shortly for Bruce Taylor's Edward, and the other for an Archonate book by Matt Hughes. I've only done this once or twice before, outside work I've edited, and I think it's a real honor to be asked.

Intermittent wit and erudition this next week, with lightly scattered irony and brief gusts of whingeing. You know the drill.

You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.
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