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[travel|personal] Sunday in San Francisco

I had a perfectly lovely day yesterday. I slept in til 6 am, got a bunch of personal stuff done, then headed over to East Bay to visit bookstores (Cody's, Dark Carnival, Other Change of Hobbit, Pegasus) and have a truly delicious lunch with zhaneel69.

Then I tried to go down to Menlo Park, but traffic was so horrendous that I gave up at San Mateo and came back up to the city. Parked at Crissy Field, walked to Fort Point, then caught the free shuttle around the Presidio, which was very neat. Walked back through the Palace of Fine Arts, which is easily the weirdest building I have ever seen in my life -- as I once said, it's like having Maxfield Parrish for your landscape gardner -- then drove the rental back up to the visitors' center at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza. I took loads of photos, which I shall post when I can get to an SD card reader.

After that I went back over to East Bay for the party at the House of Spike, with dinogrl and dave_gallaher hosting, and a cast of dozen in attendance, including frankwu, johnnyeponymous, kproche, bovil, and a bunch of other folks whose handles I should probably know. Chili pepper vodka was in evidence, but after three sips, I gave up. Important safety tip: do not burp after drinking that stuff.

Today I'm off for falafel brunch with leela_cat, then off to either Sausalito or the wine country with therinth and frankwu and possibly kproche and bovil. More photos.

Tomorrow, Omaha.
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