Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Spooling up the engines for Omaha

I'm about to leave for SFO from my perch here at E's house. Flying to Omaha today. Yesterday was a glorious do-nothing in grand style. I had a terrific Middle Eastern brunch with leela_cat at Old Jerusalem on Mission, then hooked up with frankwu and therinth for a road triplet which included numerous highlights, such as:
  • The abandoned Public Service hospital in the Presidio

  • frankwu lusting after a three-wheeled go cart, and possibly its two attractive female passengers

  • Sausalito, briefly

  • No Muir Woods

  • Crab molestation

  • Lawlessness

  • Car dancing

  • Wildlife misidentification: "Those are wild turkeys. Haven't you ever seen the label on the bottle?"

All of which ended with taking E to a nice Mother's Day dinner at Alice's, a lovely Chinese Restaurant in the Noe Valley neighborhood. Photographic evidence later, now that I finally have a USB card reader again.

Meanwhile, I must fly.

So to speak.

Y'all play nice.
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