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[writing|movies] "You can't take the sky from me" — What I've learned from Firefly

Finally finished watching the Firefly DVDs loaned to me by kenscholes. I have enjoyed them greatly. (I think Jayne gets the best lines, but of course that's all about the characters in context.) While performing this morning's ablutions I was thinking over what I've been seeing and what I liked and didn't like about it. I had an epiphanette.

Firefly is mythmaking, telling us stories about the world. I compare this with, for example, westerns such as the Shadow books, or the television show Bonanza. They are at best incidentally historical, and often quite ahistorical, serving instead as mythic storytelling cloaked in Western tropes. Firefly is incidentally science fictional, and often quite ascientific, but it is mythic storytelling cloaked in SFnal tropes. This observation of course touches on the Pandora's box of "what is science fiction, anyway?"

For what it's worth, it was the theme song that finally cued me in. Listening to that over and over, I got it.

Naturally this old news to almost everyone reading this, but, hey, give me time. I catch up eventually.
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