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[writing|personal] Miscellaneous updatery visits the title company

Yesterday was interesting, in an overloaded for bear sort of way. Busy run through the spin cycle at the day job, followed by a visit to the title company to sign the paperwork closing the sale of Viejo Rancho Lake. Assuming no odd last minute hitches, that's pretty much it. There's a Nuevo Rancho Lake in the wings, still waiting on some details to settle.

In the department of being blocked, yesterday afternoon at the Tuesday Fireside session I wrote a foreword to Bruce Taylor's excellent novel Edward, worked on a joint project with Bruce Holland Rogers, proofed the typescript of a story in the upcoming DAW anthology Wizards, Inc., worked on a project for specficrider, critiqued four manuscripts for the MisCon writers' workshop, and reviewed some intellectual property documentation for the day job.

And yes, this still counts as being blocked because I didn't produce new fiction. At least I'm back to being productive.

We had a dinner afterwards with davidlevine, maryrobinette, thirdworld, agrathea, karindira and me. This afternoon I'm tooling up for MisCon, with another dinner tonight with danjite and khaybee, along with the_child, tillyjane, kenscholes and possibly lasirenadolce.

Off to Montana at the crack of crack tomorrow, carpooling with danjite, khaybee, tillyjane and lasirenadolce. Oh, the songs we'll sing.

Should title companies somehow be in the publishing business?
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