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[travel|writing] Rio Hondo

I am now in Omaha, after a week at Rio Hondo, plus turn time at each end courtesy of bram452 and his charming family. We were up at Taos Ski Valley, NM, which is a ski town that closes down for the summer. Some pretty amazing folks there, including host Walter Jon Williams and co-host Leslie What, as well as Geoff Landis and Mary Turzillo, Eileen Gunn, L. Timmel Duchamp, Karen Joy Fowler, Maureen McHugh, bram452 and myself. We had seven days of critique, hiking and excellent food, including some amazing discussions on gender roles in fiction, career development, and numerous other topics. My aunt Mary dropped in as well, as she happened to be passing through Taos while we were there.

Highlights include a fairly severe windstorm that knocked out power for almost 24 hours Wednesday and Thursday. That was an odd birthday present, to say the least. This in turn led to a problem with Geoff and Mary's rental car, which led to an unplanned trip to Santa Fe Thursday, which was plenty big fun its own self. They also popped a very nice little birthday party on me, to celebrate my 43rd, with cool presents including an awesome pen that got me pulled out of the security line at the ABQ airport this morning, apparently because it looks like a weapon on the x-ray machine.

We also hiked Bull of the Woods, Italiano's Canyon and another canyon the name of which I failed to note. Still uploading photos, but I'll post some of those later. There would have been at least one more hike, but the weather and the resulting complications interfered.

On the way down to Albuquerque yesterday, bram452 and I missed a tornado in the Santa Fe area by a few hours. The bram452s took me to dinner last night with Emily Mah, her husband, and several other New Mexico writers and friends-of-writers. This morning I met bram452's parents, who are utterly delightful and have a most amazing print shop in their back yard. Photos of that too, eventually.

I had a terrific time all around, with some terrific people.

I'm now in Omaha, digging out from hundreds of emails and and infinite backlog of, well, backlog. Expect intermittent wit and erudition this week, interspersed with Montana and New Mexico photos. Regular blogging service should resume this coming weekend when I am home once more.
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