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[personal] Wednesday already? Miscellaneous updatery for a midweek day.

My how the time flies. Meanwhile, a few updates.

Signed four copies of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ] yesterday. That means four people have the book inscribed on its release date. Strangely, they all live in Omaha...

When I get back to Portland Friday, I'm doing a hot turn and zipping up to Seattle for festivities around the Locus Awards. Some business meetings there, and some writerly networking. It looks like khaybee and danjite will be going with, and we'll meet up with lasirenadolce when we get there for a Montana reunion. Because it's been, um, three weeks since we spent a whole lot of time in a car together. Home for real around midday Sunday. At any rate, I'll see some, all or none of you there.

With any luck there will be copies of Mainspring for sale there at the U-Books table. I may bring some of my authors' copies with me just in case. So if you want one scribbled in by me while I'm there, it should be do-able.

Finally, if there are any Portlanders reading with free time midday Friday, I'm hunting for a ride home from the airport around 11:45 Friday. Both my usual wheelpersons are gone to Colorado, and almost everyone else I know is working. Otherwise I'll take a cab, of course. (I could be persuaded to buy lunch...)

Off to the office here in Omaha soon. Y'all play nice.
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