Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Blur

Once again, Lake's Law of Power Outlets is in effect here in the concourse at Eppley Field. The seats nearest the outlets are occupied by people not actually using the outlets, while dozens of empty seats surround them, innocent of both travellers and power sources.

Actually, this whole day is starting weird. I dropped by the hotel lobby about 4 am to turn in my keys and get my receipt, and there were two vanloads of people checking into four rooms. This involved a great deal of chattering amongst themselves, questioning of the night clerk regarding such early morning essentials as the location of the nearest Wal-Mart, and so forth. A long wait ensued for your humble narrator.

Here at the airport there are approximately 14,562 teenagers in red t-shirts heading off for some event somewhere. This is producing remarkable effects in the check-in and security lines. Given that it's Omaha's busiest weekend of the year, I can see why people want to get away. I just wonder if they all have to get away exactly when I'm taking my leave.

Ah, the glories of being a middle-aged crank.

Meanwhile, I'll get home in time to leave again, as previously discussed. See some, all or none of you in Seattle tonight and tomorrow. Regular wit and erudition to resume Sunday evening.
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