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[personal|books] JayCon is arrived, Mainspring prospers

Happy JayCon day! I'll be out and about this morning on a mix of errands and generalized foolishness with khaybee, danjite, lasirenadolce, the_child and possibly tillyjane. See some, all or none of you this afternoon.

In other news, the Amazon Bookstore Blog is featuring yours truly, courtesy of the Squid Man himself, jeffvandermeer.

Also, csinman has provided me with this delightful caricature, in my zeppelin pilot rig with my hair streaming behind me. I love the gearing, too.

Finally I note Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ] is well below 10,000 in its Amazon sales ranking, at least as of this writing. Whee!

As we clockpunks say, "sproing on, crazy brass."
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