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[conventions] Westercon, Day DIV/0, Hour 0

Um, Westercon is over. It was pretty amazing. I feel like I toasted the world. Or perhaps the world toasted me. We eventually auctioned off the Toast costume, raising $51 for the Petry Scholarship fund in the process.

Alexander James Adams as the Toast
Alexander James Adams as the Toast.

Photo by lasirenadolce. [ Flickr set ]

After a series of conversations here at Westercon 60, I am now slated to be the Writer GoH for RustyCon in 2009. Watch for me there.

In other news, today I am going with lasirenadolce, frankwu, danjite, khaybee, SIM, JT, dinogrl, and dave_gallaher to an insider tour of Alcatraz. One of the fen here at Westercon is a park ranger there, and he is taking us in on his day off. That gentleman is a Hero of the Revolution. Watch for some cool photos here later.

Then off to the airport and home tonight to resume Real Life tomorrow.

See also diannarodgers's regular feature, Thinking Error Tuesday. This week's installment is a shout out to my story "Jack's House".
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