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[personal|writing] Toooooooooast

I was down on Hawthorne with the_child and lasirenadolce, buying cheese for an impromptu dinner at the home of tillyjane with various folks from that side of the family. After a chat with the cashier about my books (prompted by my Radcon 4 t-shirt), we popped out to the sidewalk to be greeted with a hearty, "Toooooast."

It was one of the Westercon attendees, walking along with some used books for resale at Powell's on Hawthorne. He stopped and told me how much he'd liked Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]. We talked about Escapement and Madness of Flowers.

As lasirenadolce said, if she hadn't been there she wouldn't have believed it.

Some days the external validation fairy just backs a dump truck over you.

In other news, I have rolled through chapter one of Escapement and editorial rewrite continues apace.
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