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[process] Brute persistence

kenscholes and I were chatting briefly in IM this morning. He's working on the sequel to his profoundly excellent novel Lamentation, and the discussion was about process. We agree on the success formula:

Brute persistence

kenscholes:naturally, there must be talent and skill in appropriate doses. But the production engine is persistence.
jaylake:people seem to have a hard time with that
jaylake:as if writing were some mystical, magical act
kenscholes:yeah, because they're lazy and want a magic bullet.
kenscholes:or because they're scared and want a magic bullet.

It's amazing how often I get asked "How did you break in?" My answer is almost always some variation on "I write a lot, and I fail a lot." People really do want something more (or less) than that, it seems.

Write. Fail. Write more. Fail less. (See "brute persistence" above.)
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