Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[house] Meet the neighbors!

Today was apparently Meet the Neighbors day here at Nuevo Rancho Lake. Or at least one of them.

Around 7 am a woman was tapping on my office window. She was outside in the pouring rain in her pjs. She had just moved in across the street, and locked herself out of her own house while bringing the paper in. She was now waiting for her landlady to wake up (other half of her duplex). She was wet, unhappy and embarassed.

I let her in, gave her a phone to call in late to work, offered her some hot tea, then left her alone with a warm blanket to recover her dignity.

As she left about 20 minutes later, she ran into a quite-surprised Mother of the Child in the yard, who came by wondering why a soaking woman in pjs was leaving my place.

Maybe we'll meet again under more favorable circumstances. I suspect so, since she said she had a son just a bit younger than the_child.
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