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[personal] Tell me no more lies, I'll ask you no more questions

The question thread is perking along nicely. Feel free to go play, or just read through.

I just answered sboydtaylor with this:

Where did you get the idea for Mainspring?

I was at a workshop run by Kris Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. They were having us write novel synopses, while working with a New York editor to critique the proposals. Training, basically. I wrote four synopses that weekend, one of which became Mainspring. I'm not sure where it came from -- nothing in particular kicked me off. But I've always had a fascination with gimmickery, both intellectual and physical, and there's not much more gimmickery than a clockwork universe. I have addressed the topic before less directly in my short fiction -- mechanical men, orreries, etc.

And what resources did you use to develop the clockwork verisimilitude?

I did a fair amount of math on it, actually, and enlisted an aerospace engineer's help. There's more explanation of that here:


Including a diagram!
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