Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link salad, NSFW edition

I'll Put You in My Novel — (Thanks to rosefox.)

G.O.P. Leaders Fight Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance — Everything you need to know about the Republican party is in the headline. (And yes, the story is more nuanced than that. But not much, frankly.)

LibraryThing on Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ] — With a review! (Thanks to mikigarrison.)

Unfortunately Placed Ads — (Thanks to danjite.)

Warning: NSFW Nude Woman in Ferrari Goes Shopping — Some people are very, very different from the rest of us.

Warning: Even more NSFW More on the Ferrari woman — This time with photos (not especially revealing, but enough to cause problems for kids and bosses).

Warning: Icky Weird The dead frog Web server.
Tags: funny, links, lj, mainspring, politics, weird

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