Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link salad, ego surfing

Brenda Cooper says nice stuff about Mainspring Powell's | Amazon ]

Live Granades on Speculative Fiction Authors Considered As High School Students — I find this especially funny because wheatlandpress, bram452 and I have all been using this metaphor for years.

Blogg Tips — In which I am cited, I note immodestly.

anacrotech talks about Mainspring.

Also, in the dept of things no one but me really cares about, the Hertz random upgrade program hath delivered unto me a cream colored Chevrolet Impala LT with a FlexFuel motor, running Florida plates. (Ethanol? In Florida?) My hotel hath upgraded me to a half-suite. And it's hotter than Texas here in Omaha.
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