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[personal] It's morcheeba and a spaceship sighted

Wow. What a ride. As of today, things are back to normal at work, I think. Mind you, the definition of "normal" will be moving somewhat as our business parameters change, but I should now return to my normal day job / personal time / writing schedule. Escapement awaits me. I have some editorial reading to do Real Soon Now, and I owe a couple of anthology stories which have languished, so I probably won't be back on the novel til the middle of the weekend.

The day job lately has been real head-bender, but also an interesting experience. I always learn, but sometimes I learn a lot more, a lot faster, than others. "All is grist," as somebody says. (Which beats the snot out of "all is grits" if you ask me.)

the_child is New England for another week or so. This means it will be quiet when I get home. I may need to lay around and twitch for while. lasirenadolce should be on the scene this weekend, which will be very nice.

Only one link this morning, so it doesn't get its own post. Still, this is fascinating:

Time May Not Exist — Physicists fooling around with Planck-scale time intervals, or the lack thereof.
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