Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] It is to zoom

Murphy's Law is apparently the controlling legal authority here at Eppley Field this morning. There was a woman in the security precheck (where they look at your boarding pass and ID before they let you stand in the x-ray line) who wasn't taking "no" for an answer when the screener wouldn't let her in. Once I cleared that I stood in line for a while, until I was the third person back from the x-ray machine. They then shut that line down due to a suspicious object. We all went to the back of the only other open line...which developed problems that involved the x-ray machine operator shouting "Supervisor!" repeatedly.

Ah, the romance of air travel. Somehow despite it all I am at gate A7 awaiting my leap into the atmosphere. Zzz...
Tags: omaha, personal, travel

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