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[personal|links] This is not my beautiful house...no, wait, it is.

Hey! I live here! I must be home. And boy does that feel nice. the_child went to Cape Cod today with her cousins, so we're almost as far apart as we can get and still be in CONUS.

In other news, there's a bit of a brawl in comments on my recent post about conservative principles. To make a disclaimer, I'm talking about my understanding of the ideal position adopted by conservatives of a philosophical bent. I'm not pretending these principles are applied by any particular people or group of people, let alone the entire Republican Party. More like, trying to understand what underlies the thinking of otherwise thoughtful, intelligent people who hold political beliefs which in my calculus are either profoundly disingenous or flat contradictory to the experience of conservative government in this country.

Also cooking along nicely is my ASiF forum, where I am guest moderator and topic focus for the next two weeks. I may cross-post some of the QA from there to here, if I can secure permission to do so, but regardless of that, drop by and check out the chatter from the land of Oz.

Elsewhere on the Intarwebs (no link for about-to-be-obvious reasons), someone has taken it upon themself to archive the fiction published at SCI FICTION on a blog. While I rather imagine the intentions are good, the result is a wholesale copyright violation of nigh epic proportions. Especially if anyone sues for statutory damages... I decline to fingerpoint, as I and many others are pursuing high road solutions.

Books read of late: jimhines's Goblin Hero, Matt Hughes' Template, bram452's A Betrayal in Winter, and of course the last Harry Potter book. Comments and/or minireviews to come. Also did some editorial reading for Other Earths. Pleasure reading is Paladin of Souls right now. I need to write at least one short story this weekend, and expect to be back on Escapement by Sunday, now that the Day Job has settled down to normal(ish) work hours.

Meanwhile the tireless danjite sends along a couple of gems:

Man arrested for having sex with road signs

Millionaire arranges attempted hit on himself to frame son in legal dispute

And in case you're wondering, at this moment I have my hair in a French braid, thanks to my stylist getting whacky this afternoon.
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