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[links] Link Salad: Saturday night at the marmot races

Is anybody out there? — The conspiracy theory of First Contact, paranoia edition.

Beware Clowns and Gas Chambers — Ill-advised cinema continues to flourish despite having Jerry Lewis as an exemplar.

237 Reasons to Have Sex — How many do you need?

Jay Lake, OR — A destination awaits! To the Genre car!

Me talking politics on the ASiF board — A fairly coherent statement of my view of the difference between conservatives and liberals in the current political calculus. Quoting myself in part:

I view the current political dialectic in the United States (and its near analogs elsewhere in the Anglosphere, including Australia) as very much a division between those who fear change, choice and growth (self-defining as protecting traditional strengths and values) and those who acknowledge or even embrace change, choice and growth. Since to my viewpoint change is inevitable regardless of "tradition", choice is the only sane response to change, and growth is the desired outcome, my sympathies are strongly liberal/progressive.

(Thanks to some of the usual suspects.)
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