Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] Armadillocon, Day One

Arrived at the hotel in time to go to lunch with a small crowd. Mmm, Mangia Pizza. Got back, did a chapter of Escapement, then loitered in the bar with a bunch of very intelligent reprobates (conversation ranged from railroad pulps to the way people read), did meet-the-pros, went to Maureen McHugh's reading, then had my own. I read "Witness to the Fall", which I wrote recently and virtually no one has seen.

Breakfast tomorrow with davidlevine and kateyule (yes, we live in the same town), the autographing and the Howard Waldrop interview. I like it here, but there's a slightly odd overlay of seeing old friends with new eyes. The world changes, and so do I.
Tags: austin, conventions, personal

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